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Fr. Ephraim - The steps

A new video recording of Fr. Ephraim of Arizona – English

Elder Ephraim of Arizona (+December 7th, 2019) is one of the most beloved orthodox Christian elders of our times. In this rare...
Fr. Panteleimon Gospel reading - Persecution of Christians

A Martyr Church: persecutions of Christians (Fr. Panteleimon Farah)

A Martyr Church: persecutions of Christians in Middle East. Holy New Martyrs, Pray for Us! “Remember the word that I said unto you, The...
St. Porphyrios - What are you doing here

St. Porphyrios: God will say to me, “What are you doing here?”

Rare audio recording of Saint Porphyrios (Bairaktaris) of Kafsokalivia: "Lord, whatever Your love dictates! Send me wherever Your love wishes! I give myself over...

Archbishop Justinian – I’ll wait for you at the Heaven’s gate

Archbishop Justinian passes away at age 95 (✝ October 30th 2016). May God make him worthy to wait for us at the Heaven's gate, as...

The Girdle of the Virgin Mary brought to sick and dying people in a...

Touching video shows the Fathers of Vatopedi Monastery of Mount Athos bringing the Holy Belt of the Theotokos to a hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece. via pemptousia.com

When two saints meet – a heartwarming video recording!

A rare video recording of two well-known contemporary Spiritual Fathers: Fr. Cleopa (Ilie) of Romania and Fr. Tadej (Štrbulovic) of Serbia. Prophecies of Fr. Cleopa...
Christophoros - How scared should we be

Covid-19 | Earthquake | St. Paisios: How scared should we be?

In this video, Archbishop Christophoros from Jordan tells us two stories from 1970s when an earthquake happened in Greece and Mount Athos. How did...

Inward journey to Saint Herman of Alaska

Watch here how Christians celebrate St. Herman of Alaska on Spruce Island (Kodiak, AK). The island was home to the hermitage of Herman of Alaska...
Fr. Ioanichie - Love your elders

Fr. Ioanichie – “Love your elders and pray for them!”

In this audio recording, Archim. Ioanichie talks about how to love and pray for our elders... He gives us an example of one of...
Monks and young people people singing traditional carols

Monks and young people singing traditional carols

A lovely Christmas atmosphere, full of joy and happiness: monks and young people singing together traditional carols. Perhaps there are not many places like...

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