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Voice of St. Porphyrios | A ‘trick’ to keep your inner peace | ✝ December 2nd

In this rare audio recording from the mid-80s, Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia (+2 December 1991) shares his wisdom on maintaining inner peace amidst a delicate situation.
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Audio source: balanthsberoia

St. Porphyrios:

I will give you an example [from my experience].
I have someone here who does no obedience to me. One day, I tell him, “My child do this.”
He says, “No I cannot do it.”
I tell him, “Please do it”.
He says, “Science does not allow this. It is not as you say. I cannot do it. Science says otherwise.”
[I say], “My child are we going to consider science now? Do obedience to me.”
“No, I cannot.”
I was about to become indignant [at that point].
[Instead I said] “My God, forgive me and [please] enlighten the soul of your man [i.e. the other person] who is possessed by the temptation.
So I started praying and I was moved by it. Thus, as it was about to burst, I prevented it.



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