Patriarch of the People (POP) – S01E01

One of the most interesting and rare interviews with His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Pavle who reposed in the Lord on November 15, 2009.

Patriarch Pavle was considered a saint even during his lifetime, he was well-known for his asceticism and modest living. He would walk around town on foot or take public transportation regularly among crowds of people. Anyone could approach him and speak with him.

We have divided this rare interview from 1996 in 6 parts. In the first part he talks about his views on evil, human nature, vice and virtue as well as bad habits that we need to get rid of.

Key-frames for this first part:
06:41 “Therefore, the path to good is difficult and Christ warns us: ‘whoever wants to follow me must take up their cross and follow me’ (cf. Mk. 8:34). It is the readiness to follow Christ and be in difficulties, which end in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the bliss of that Kingdom.”
08:27 “You see, getting rid of bad habits, vices is like gouging your eye, cutting your hand. It is that difficult.”


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