Patriarch of the People (POP) – S01E06

In the last part of the interview, Patriarch Pavle discusses the way sectarians and heretics deal with half-truths. He also sends the message to the parents and youth today and talks about the best way to give a sermon.

Patriarch Pavle of Serbia:

We either choose the path of truth (as the Truth is One), justice and love to God or the opposite. Sectarians and those heretics always deal with half-truths… A half-truth is sometimes worse and more difficult than the lie.A lie has short legs and it is easier for a man to see the lie. However, when the truth is proclaimed in such way that we do not see its end and there is only half of it, that is dangerous. It is not the misfortune that we often talk half-truths but if we proclaim a half-truth to be the truth, that is the trouble.”

We should look upon everything that was holy and reputable with our ancestors who were capable of enduring 500 years of slavery as people with no rights.They knew if they had betrayed their religion what they would have gained. However, they also knew what they would have lost. They were capable of weighing that they would have lost more than what they would have gained. They were able to endure.”

There is the principle for us, priests, that we should develop no more than three ideas in the sermon. If we talked about four, people would remember the two. If we talked about five, they would remember one. If we talked about more than that, people would not remember anything.”





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