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The Saints of the Prisons

Prayers of the prisoners

0 Please press CC button for a new and improved version of the English subtitles. Fr. Sofian talks about prayers of the prisoners, mostly those who...

A modern day miracle story of the Mother of God

Orthodox Christians prepare either for the Feast, or for the Fast of the Dormition of Our Most Holy Lady, the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary. Let's...

Yoga and the Jesus Prayer: avoid hypocrisy in Prayer!

Fr. Sophian talks about mixing of the two concepts. He states that God doesn't listen to their prayers (cf. Job 35:13) and `ye shall...
Prayers Confession Fr. Sofian Boghiu

Prayers before the Mystery of Confession

Fr. Sofian prays before the Holy Mystery of Confession, as an orthodox priest. He was also a well know church painter persecuted for his faith...

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