Elder Ephraim of Arizona (+December 7th, 2019) is one of the most beloved orthodox Christian elders of our times. In this rare video recording (2014) he talks about the power of Jesus Prayer in our daily lives and how this prayer will become a sacrifice for salvation.

Subtitles: Romanian (@Elena Dinu), English
Recording: Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery, Arizona, 2014
Video source: ΠΑΝΑΓΙΑ ΓΛΥΚΟΦΙΛΟΥΣΑ – ΑΓΙΟΝ ΟΡΟΣ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVLhN…)

Fr. Ephraim:
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me! Most Holy Mother of God, help me! These two. With these, you will be saved certainly!
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me! Most Holy Mother of God, save me!
When all of us do this, we will surely be saved.

Don’t ever leave this little prayer!
It is a simple one, but Christ made things this way because in our times we cannot bear much, like the old ones did, and God says: “Give them something easier [to bear]!”

There was once a spiritual father… pff… from those of old… And he began to talk to God. And he said to Him:
“Forgive me, my great God, please, can You make it so that at step number 7 [out of the 10, we are also saved]?”
That is, at steps 8, 9 or 10 one is saved. The first [7 steps] lead to hell.
And He nods.
“Can we [also] be saved [at the 7th step]?”
“Can I say something else?”
God says, “say it!”
“Can we also be saved at step number 5?”
And goes on “Step number 5… Step number 4… Step number 3?”
But at step number 3, the Lord, Christ did not give an answer. God left him there, and He descended [all the way] to step number 3.

He was a very holy man. Of the old ones… the old ones who did a lot.

And the Lord descended, descended… And now He keeps us at step number 3.
“If time passes and we are in danger… [Can we be saved] at step number 3?”
“Yes, yes, yes!”
“[What about] step number 2?”
And He will receive us all inside [His Kingdom]!

Right now, we have this little prayer I told you about. We have nothing greater to offer!
He will say: “If you have nothing on you…”
We have to humble ourselves. To reflect on this, reflect on this, to pray… Everywhere: “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me! Lord Jesus… Most Holy Mother of God, help me! Most Holy Mother of God, help me!”

You sleep, and when you wake up: “Lord Jesus Christ… Lord Jesus…”
On the road, and everywhere.
Pray all time.
Then this prayer will become a sacrifice for salvation!


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