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The hidden need of contemporary people

”The need for God is greater than the need for air” (Metropolitan Nikolaos)

Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki (Greece) talks about material desires and the hidden need of contemporary people. Metropolitan Nikolaos (Hatzinikolaou): "The demand is for money....
Seraphim Cardoza - Repentance East vs. West

Importance of Repentance: EAST vs. WEST

Father Seraphim Cardoza, archpriest of St Innocent Orthodox Church, talks about different aspects of repentance in Eastern and Western Christianity. @theDoveTV Transcript: Q: There's a new subtle...

Bishop Kallistos – Postmodern issues facing the Orthodox Christian

An enlightening interview with Bishop Kallistos Ware on trending and popular issues involving Christian faith, like: Orthodoxy's message for the West, the special gift of prayer of the Orthodoxy, divorce and remarriage, Pope...

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