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Prisoner for Christ - Fr. Valerian

Incredible stories: tortured for Christ in Romanian Communist prisons | Fr. Valerian

Witnessing Faith Amidst Persecution: Untold Stories of Orthodox Christian Martyrs Join us on a journey through the harrowing yet inspiring tales of contemporary Orthodox Christian...

Pray, pray deeply even for 5 minutes | A strong message of a modern-day...

In this rare video recording, Fr. Gheorghe Calciu gives us precious details about the Prayer of the Heart, the fruits of this prayer and...
Pr. Nicolae Bordasiu - Isolated in communist prisons

I was kept isolated for 3 months for Christ

Fr. Nicolae Bordasiu (+2018), a survivor of torture in Communist prisons, gives us a heartbreaking testimony of how God and prayer help in a...
communist prison

”They put me in a refrigerated room” (Fr. Arsenie)

Fr. Arsenie Papacioc, who had endured torture in communist prisons , talks about the role of suffering in Orthodox spiritual life. Video copyright: TRINITAS TV Fr....

”God is not in books” (Fr. Roman Braga)

Fr. Roman Braga, a survivor of torture in Communist prisons, shows us how the experience of the prisoners helped them to find God inside...
Fr. George Calciu - Easter in prison

Fr. Gheorghe Calciu – Logically arguing the Resurrection of Christ

Fr. George Calciu was one of the great confessors of Christianity who spent 21 years of his life in various Communist prisons for his...
Diaconesti Monastery -A song for martyrs

A song for Martyrs – nuns of the Diaconesti convent

A profound poem written by the nun Zorica (Teodosia) Laţcu and chanted by the nuns of the Diaconesti convent, Romania. Remember them O, Lord, when...

Beyond torture – the gulag of Pitesti and the new martyrs

The Sunday after Easter is the eighth day of the paschal celebration, called the Antipascha. The scripture reading from Acts presents the miraculous liberation...
The Saints of the Prisons

Prayers of the prisoners

0 Please press CC button for a new and improved version of the English subtitles. Fr. Sofian talks about prayers of the prisoners, mostly those who...

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