Fr. Sophrony Sakharov

Fr. Sophrony Sakharov
Fr. Rafail - Theology is lifevideo

Fr. Sophrony – Theology vs imagination

Fr. Rafail remembers the words of Fr. Sophrony , "the mind inclined towards imagination is not able to theologise, because theology is concrete life." Subtitles:...
Fr. Rafail - Fr. Sophrony giving candies to a childvideo

Fr. Sophrony giving candies to a child

Fr. Rafail, a disciple of Fr. Sophrony, talks about how Fr. Sophrony used to give candies to children... he had his own style... This video...

Fr. Rafail: “I realized that Fr. Sophrony was a saint”

Fr. Rafail, a disciple of Fr. Sophrony, talks about the main characteristics of a saint: humbleness and naturalness. These were abundantly found in the...

Elder Sophrony speaks about the death of St. Silouan the Athonite

In this audio recording, Archimandrite Sophrony (Sakharov) speaks about the death of his master, St. Silouan the Athonite. Available subtitles: English, Romanian. Hegumen Misael, that wonderful...

Fr Sophrony (audio recording) – ‘We shall see Him as He is’

In this rare audio recording he talks about the reality of seeing God and also the way to get there. Fr Sophrony: Lord says: “Blessed are...

A message of unity: they all may be one!

In the context of the Holy and Great Council, prayer is one of our main responsibilities as Christians. In this video, Fr. Raphael Noica talks about...

Fr. Sophrony: “God doesn’t give me any word for you!”

An encounter with Fr. Sophrony Sakharov and Fr. Aimilianos Simonopetritis. Sometimes, a genuine Christian should recognize that he doesn't find in his soul any words...

Fr. Sophrony: “I have no teeth anymore!”

For now, Fr. Raphael remembers a funny moment with Fr. Sophrony and a shy young student girl that was afraid of meeting with...

”It’s like he knew!” (Fr. Sophrony)

First Sunday after Pentecost – the Church remembers all of the saints. Although he has not been yet glorified as a saint in the Orthodox...

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