A tape-recorded conversation with St. Paisios the Athonite. He talks about the power of humility and the soul’s thirst for Heavenly Joy and union with God.

Subtitles: English

St. Paisios:
“You must also view all the others as saints.
And to see only yourself as a sinner, the smallest among all, even if other people may be sinners.
We have no right to see them sinners. We have no right to judge them! We have no right to speak against a sinner.
We have to see only ourselves as sinners, and the smallest among all!

Man should speak when it is necessary, as much as it is necessary, and properly!
The devil’s greatest enemy is none other than humility.

Let’s also listen to our Lord who says: the demons can come out only by prayer and fasting. [Matthew 17:21]
If he brings us incongruous thoughts into our spiritual work and anything else that hinders the salvation of our souls, we must fight him with the saving prayer within us, in our mind, with ‘Lord, Jesus Christ, have mercy on me!’ ‘Most Holy Mother of God, help me!’

Let our soul always thirst for the knowledge of the truth,
let it thirst for the forgiveness of sins,
let it thirst for the peace of consciousness,
Let it thirst for the heavenly joy!
The most beautiful thirst is the one for the union with Jesus Christ!
Let it thirst for the Holy Communion!
Let it thirst for the acquisition of virtues!
Let it thirst for entering as quickly as possible into the Kingdom of Heaven, to free itself as soon as possible from the vanity of this world, to free itself from pain, from sorrow, from torment, from the wickedness which reigns in the hearts of people!
For becoming free!
For freeing ourselves from passions!
And finally, let our soul thirst for the eternal joy!
Let it thirst for the union with God, so that we may live forever with the saints!
Because… how long will be our life here on earth?”



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