Fr. Dionysios Ignat the Athonite talks about God’s help, stating that every help is not just for this earthly world, but is directed towards eternity.

Fr. Dionysios:

If God Himself says: ‘Everything you would do, without Me you can do nothing!’ [John 15:5]. That is to say, in the spiritual things, if we don’t put our hope in God’s mercy and help, we can do nothing, we are just humans.

‘Look that I have a chest pain, there, and here and God doesn’t help me…’
Do not say that word!
God, from the second you said: ‘God, help me!’, from that second He is with you… But He gives you what is useful not just for your body… every help is for eternity…

He always strives to help us in this transitory and full of trouble life,
but He directs us more in a way so that we can acquire the eternity.

Fr. Dionysios was a renowned spiritual father that lived most of his earthly life at St. George Cell (Colciu Kelli, Vatopedi Monastery), Mount Athos, Greece.
He entered the Holy Mountain in 1926 and lived there for eighty years. His funeral was attended even by HRH Prince Charles.


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