In the fourth part of the interview Elder Thaddeus talks about various topics, like: serving the Divine Liturgy, on humble acceptance of one’s sinful life, on bees and ants and their comparison with people, on strictness and reasoning.

On serving the Divine Liturgy

Serving the Divine Liturgy is the only thing that we could do for those who live on the earth and those souls who reposed in the Lord.
The Liturgy is the sacrifice on the Golgotha. The Lord always sacrifices Himself. Actually, He offers Himself.

On sadness in the heart and the help one could get by reading the book “The Path to Salvation” (St Theophan the Recluse)

One feels so lost for their sins that you cannot imagine how difficult that sorrow is.
And he says, if this state lasts for longer period of time and if it is more intense, it is more salvific for the soul later on.

On humble acceptance of one’s sinful life

No matter how much Saints try, they feel worse than any creature, even demons themselves.
…she asked how could we when we are God’s creatures created in His image, how could we consider ourselves worse than demons?
If you put your hand on the heart and look around yourself carefully, you would see that truly you are worse than any creature.

On bees and ants and their comparison with people

… carries an object much bigger than himself. He is so small but carries the object.
He drops it and it tumbles here and there. He looks around so that nobody takes it away from him.
What happens with us? As soon as we are not good at something, we slam the object as it was guilty.

On strictness and reasoning

One should be strict to oneself a lot. When it comes to people around you, you should be honey. However, be careful that they do not lick you…



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