Our Thoughts Determine Our Lives: The Life and Teachings of Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica (Part 5/6)
FP S01E010

In the fifth part of our series, Elder Tadej talks about how to keep a positive mind in a negative world, to reject evil and become the God’s angel who shows goodness everywhere.

English translation: Vladimir

Elder Tadej:
If you hate, you just spoil your mood and you get worse than before. And one you hate is in the good mood. Now, that one comes to you with love and you are amazed: ‘Home come? That’s my worst enemy and acts like there’s no hatred from my side’. Such person becomes your teacher, you learn from his goodness.
Then you realize it doesn’t pay off to think something evil. What’s done is done. One should repel negative thoughts and accept positive, good thoughts…

When you get to your senses, then you realize it’s not worth to think bad about somebody. You think you’ll harm that person (with anger), but you’ll harm only yourself, when you lose peace and calmness… for having evil thoughts on one’s mind…

When you reject evil, peace and quietness get inside you. Reject evil, say to yourself: ‘I don’t want to think evil. I want only peace, tranquility and good.’ Then you become God’s angel who shows goodness everywhere.

Q: When did you begin to feel you could pray for your enemies?
If we like it or not, we have to pray for our enemies, for those who don’t like us… We have to pray for them and wish them plenty of welfare… Evil-minded people just stick to their thoughts and want to fulfill their plans. Then they realize they can’t accomplish their plans, for the Lord protects us. They would like to see you disappear from the face of the earth at any cost. But they can’t accomplish it…

‘I’m pious, I go to Church, I receive Holy Communion, I go to confession…’ It’s no use if you keep evil thoughts in yourself. Our thoughts determine our lives.

Let people think about us whatever they want. Let them scold us, swear us, and we’ll bless them wholeheartedly and be well disposed to them.

Q: ‘Some people think that they can connect to ‘higher energies’ using drugs and reach mystical states…?’
This is a delusion. By doing that, man can only damage his nervous system and nothing else. If he wants to achieve something good he has to think good thoughts…”


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