Fr. Dionysios Ignat the Athonite talks about humility giving an example that is found in the texts of the divine services (composed by St. John of Damascus), starting from 1 Timothy 1:15.

Fr. Dionysios was a renowned spiritual father that lived most of his earthly life at St. George Cell (Colciu Kelli, Vatopedi Monastery), Mount Athos, Greece.
He entered the Holy Mountain in 1926 and lived there for eighty years.
His funeral was attended even by HRH Prince Charles.

Prince Charles - funerals of Elder Dionysios
Prince Charles at the funerals of Elder Dionysios

Fr. Dionysios the Athonite:
“When you’re looking for a job somewhere, you’ll be asked to do a certain task.
After you did your job, will you expect your employer to praise you?
Even Saint John of Damascus, on the Feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God, says:

“Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercessions of Your Most Pure Mother, please forgive me, the worst sinner of all. There’s no other man as bad as me.”

He was truly convinced about that…”


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