Audio recording of Elder Ephraim of Arizona. He talks about carrying our brethren’s suffering, as a sign of dwelling in the love of God.
Elder Ephraim has built eighteen Orthodox monasteries in North America.

Monasteries founded by Elder Ephraim:

Elder Ephraim:

Go to psychiatric hospitals and see how much the people’s souls suffer.
And we, the so-called ‘healthy’ ones, are called to never forget these people!
These people should not be left out of our prayer and care! Let us ask God to send them patience, relief, healing.

We must carry our brethren’s suffering!
If we don’t do that then we don’t have love!
If we forget them then we are outside the love of God!

God tries them in order to bring them into His Kingdom, and He asks us for our support. If they are locked up there, it does not mean we have to abandon them too! Because we can also be there tomorrow!

Let’s think how many people are in the agony of death! Their life is judged and they are examined by their conscience! And they say, ‘What is going to happen now?’
This pain, this agony should become ours!
And then, God, Who searches the reins and the hearts, will remember this love, will seal it and will return it to you!
He will answer, not only in the afterlife, but also in this life, there will be a time when we will also reach a hardship… and He will help us, He will enlighten other people to pray for us, as we did.

We reap what we sow!
Sow wheat, and you will reap wheat!
Sow tares, and you will reap thorns!
The earth gives the farmer back according to the seeds he sows!

Even more, God, the living God, who searches the hearts and the reins, who knows the hidden things of people, He will repay with justice.


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