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Prayer, confession and up again. We keep going! | Met. Neophytos

Explore the profound teachings of Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou as he delves into the transformative journey of the Orthodox faith. Discover how the Holy Spirit cleanses the heart, paving the way for Christ’s presence within us. Learn about the path to sanctity through repentance, humility, and regular communion.

Video source: Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou Homilies
Watch the full interview here: https://youtu.be/X6W64vKOCHM Holy Monastery of Saint Avvakoum, Fterikoudi, Cyprus, June 11, 2023

Metropolitan Neophytos:

As soon as The Holy Spirit starts cleansing my heart, not the whole of it, just a part of the heart, a bit.
The Lord says to the Lord, The Holy Spirit says to Christ, “Come and dwell.”
It’s not possible for Christ to come if we have absolute filthiness. No!
It takes a [personal] effort.
Whereas The Holy Spirit is [already] inside us. Are you listening to what kind of privilege we, the Orthodox, are entitled to?
From the moment we are baptized [we receive The Holy Spirit] as well as the guardian angel we talked about previously.
We, the Orthodox, are the princes of God! We can easily become saints.
We only need to repent. Our goal is humility, repentance and regular Holy Communion. Just this!
I fell, “[My Lord], I have sinned,” prayer, confession and up again. We keep going.
No guilts. These things [guilts and despair] are nonsense.
Who am I to be without sin? Isn’t it so?
As soon as The Holy Spirit comes and cleanses the heart a bit, the Christ comes.
You can tell that Christ comes, because you are moved. You become ‘softer.’
Christ is love. You start loving, forgiving, shedding tears …
You listen to the same words that didn’t ‘talk’ to you in the past but now they do.
You see a scenery and you give glory to God.
Your eye changes. It sees beautiful things and it glorifies.
Whereas in the past, you saw beautiful things and your nous was perverted.


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