Elder Ephraim of Arizona, spiritual child of the great Elder Joseph the Hesychast, talks about the Christian Truth: uninterested and sincere love that consciously assume the pain of a fallen world.
Elder Ephraim has built eighteen Orthodox monasteries in North America

Monasteries founded by Elder Ephraim: https://www.stanthonysmonastery.org/map.php

Fr. Ephraim of Arizona:

Therefore, having the eyes of our soul open, let us see the Truth!
This is the truth! Let us not be deceived!
When we hold the truth, we are not afraid!

Pilate asked Christ, “Who are you?” [see John 18-19] and many more, like: “Don’t you realize I have power either to free you or to crucify you?”.

And Christ answered to him: “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above”.
“For this cause came I… that I should bear witness unto the truth”. Pilate asked Him, “What is truth?”

And then, Pilate left! Why?
Because he was not worthy to hear Who is the Truth.
One need to be worthy in order to know the Truth.

And He says “The truth will make you free”, from lies and deceit.
When the eyes of the soul will be opened, one will see the truth!
And what is the truth? It is what we say: that we must love our neighbor in a correct way! Not out of force, not with microbes, parasites, or self-interest!

Today, however, mankind needs a Christian and Orthodox truth and love.

We do not love as we should! If we loved correctly, it would have been seen from our deeds!
Our deeds show what our life is like and what our thoughts are about.
That is why, in our hidden work – any Christian must have a hidden spiritual work – we should not miss the essential element called: uninterested and sincere love for our brethren! Not only for the living, but also for the departed!

And the pain of the sick and desperate, and the pain of the one condemned to the judgment of God should become our pain also!
And when it will become our pain, God will heal us!
If you cover for someone, God will cover you! Allow injustice for yourself, but never do injustice! Defeat evil with good!

This is the evangelical law!


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