In this video recording, Mother Siluana Vlad (Romania, Iasi) gives us a simple Christian recipe for happiness.

Subtitles: English, Romanian. Video source:

Mother Silouana:

God’s will for you is to be happy and to prepare yourself even deeper for happiness… And you realize if you’re happy when you ask yourself, “Lord, is what I am doing now making me happy? Is this happiness the one You promised? Are You part of this?”

And, in general, the technique is the following: in the evening you should mourn for your sins: stay in front of an icon, even if you have no tears, briefly review everything you did during the day and place the bitterness before God… and the next day you will be happy!

This is applicable for everyone (some say it is only for monks)! People who are grumpy during the day haven’t spoken in intimacy with God about their mistakes… and then they see the mistakes in others… It is the evil which I didn’t mourn or confess before God the one which I will see in other people the next day… And I will think that they are actually the ones that hurt me…


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