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“In 100 years, God will reveal a new saint!” St. Porphyrios – Orthodox Elders – Direct witness

In this personal testimony, Paraskevas Lampropoulos, a spiritual child of Saint Porphyrios, recounts how Saint Porphyrios discovered a saint named Arsenios, buried in stony ground, and why he didn’t want to dig in order to recover his body. It happened around 1970s.

Video source: St. Porphyrios’ monastery channel: Gus Tsin, 2020

A testimony of Paraskevas Lampropoulos, spiritual child of Saint Porphyrios

How miraculously and beautifully God plans and determines the trajectory of our world. Around us, there are Saints with exceptional lives. And yet, the Creator of the world does not reveal them immediately. But covers them with much care for His own purpose. What is this purpose? When the all-wise and loving Father judges that we men deviate from truth, then He reveals these Saintly persons so that we are impressed, firstly. Then, [we] follow their example and, finally, if possible, we save ourselves. “Great art Thou, O Lord, and marvelous are Thy deeds.” This is what we are about to watch in the video.

The elder [Saint Porphyrios] ascended on a stony ground and opened his arms in a position of prayer. He whispered something. He showed me straight ahead, at about 8-10 meters downwards, and said, “There is buried a Saintly man.”
I told him, “Father, what was his name?”
“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me,” he cries.
Then he turns to me and says, “Arsenios was his name.”
“Father, can’t we take his relics?”
He cries again, “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon me”. He says, “No! In a hundred years’ time, God will illuminate someone.” He added the reason that this will happen. He said, “Because people say there is nothing, [and that] priests say those things to mock people, God…” —He made his hands like that— “God brings forward a Saint every so often and the faith of men is revived!”



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