In this video recording of a liturgy served outside the Church building [Romania] because of the Coronavirus and strict social distancing regulations, Fr. Claudiu talks about the only fear we should have as Christians: how to stay faithful to God.

Fr. Claudiu Melean:
For too long we believed that Christ is with us and we sang “God is with us, understand…”, but actually we were not with Him…
And God tells us today, “Let us see how faithful you are even when the Dear One withdraws from you… Will you remain as faithful to Him as before?”
I used to say: if the husband goes abroad and the wife stays alone… It is hard, isn’t it? It is more difficult for her… the housework… But if she calls another man to help her and keep her company in order to be happy, is she still faithful? No!
Well, it is the same with us… let us stay faithful to God!
During these times [of Coronavirus] I am afraid not to deny Christ. This is the only thing. And my children, my family and my parishioners not to deny Christ!
Otherwise, I’m not afraid of anything else!


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