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Saint Porphyrios: inspiring dialogue with a bird

Watch here an inspiring conversation of Saint Porphyrios of Kavsokalyvia with a nightingale in the wilderness of Mount Athos.

St. Porphyrios:
“Little nightingale, who told you that I would pass by here? No one comes here. It’s such an out-of-the-way place. How marvelously you unceasingly carry on your duty, your prayer to God! How much you tell me, and how much you teach me, little nightingale! My God, how I am moved. With your warbling, dear nightingale, you show me how to hymn God, you teach me a thousand things beyond number…’
I said to myself, ‘Why? Did it have an audience? Did it know I was there and could hear it? Who heard it as it was bursting its throat in song? Why did it go to such a hidden location? But what about of all these little nightingales in the middle of the thick forest, in the ravines, night and day, at sunset and sunrise? Who heard their throat-bursting song? Why did they go to such secret places? Why did they puff out their throats to bursting?’ The purpose was worship, to sing to their Creator, to worship God. That’s how I explained it…
They weren’t interested in being heard; but there in solitude, in peace, in the wilderness, in silence, they longed to be heard, but by whom? None other than by the Maker of everything, the Creator of all, by Him who gave them life and breath and voice.”

This is an excerpt from the book “Wounded by Love”, 2005, translated from Greek by Father John Raffan.


  1. I want to hear what St. Porphyrios is saying, but his voice is so soft and raspy, and it is hard enough to hear what he’s saying, BUT I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY you find it necessary to play the chant of a powerful voice over this fragile voice!!!
    This is true in many recordings. If you’re going to post these talks, it’s important that we can hear the message. Otherwise all we get out of them is frustration…..


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