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Saint Silouan the Athonite – On the Holy Spirit

By the Holy Spirit is the Lord made known. By the Holy Spirit is the Lord magnified in heaven. By the Holy Spirit do the Saints glorify God, and with the gifts of the Holy Spirit does the Lord give glory to the Saints, and this glory shall have no end…
In heaven all things live and move by the Holy Spirit. But this same Holy Spirit is on earth too. The Holy Spirit lives in our Church; in the Sacraments; in the Holy Scriptures; in the hearts of the faithful. The Holy Spirit unites all men, and so the Saints are close to us; and when we pray to them they hear our prayers in the Holy Spirit, and our souls feel that they are praying for us.
How happy and blessed are we Orthodox Christians, that the Lord has given us life in the Holy Spirit; and He makes glad our souls. But we must guard Him soberly—a single evil thought and He forsakes the soul, and the love of God is then no longer with us; we have no more assurance in prayer and no firm hope that we shall receive that for which we ask.

Saint Silouan the Athonite, Wisdom from Mount Athos


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