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The Nun Dressed in White | A Miracle in Hospital | Fr. Moses Berry

In this video, Fr. Moses Berry shares a poignant personal story of a life-altering event during his youth. As he recounts the accident that left him with severe burns, he reflects on the miraculous intervention that defied medical explanation. This powerful testimony highlights the profound impact of faith and the mysterious ways in which divine grace touches our lives. Tune in to hear how a chance encounter with a nun at the hospital became a moment of spiritual revelation, leaving a lasting imprint on Fr. Moses’s journey of faith.

Video source: https://youtu.be/bayeWCMNdjE November 2020
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Fr. Moses:

A couple of weeks before the 8th-grade graduation, when we needed to have suits and look sharp for the girls at the 8th graduation, I had this idea that I should start a fire in one of the stoves in our house, one of the wood stoves in our house, and so, it was cold in that morning and I wanted to rush this fire, I wanted to happen fast, and I went outside the house and there was a container of gasoline, and so I took this gasoline and poured it inside the stove. I thought it would act like kerosene and I poured it inside there and I took a match and I threw it in there and it exploded in my face, it burned me, hair was burned off, just in the front, like it is now… I don’t know, my hair was burnt, singed rather, and my arms were burned and there were big blisters on my arm, and it was a mess, and my aunt grabbed me and took me to the hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

And, you know, it was very difficult, and they were preparing me for, you know, the doctors would come in and they would say, ‘you should know that these bandages… you’re going to have scars on your arm’. They had this wrapping in there and it was in a children’s Burns unit ward, so I thought, ‘okay, great’ and my mom… I knew that they couldn’t afford it, but, you know, it was a sad time for me.

And one night when I was in this room, there was an old nun at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, there was an old nun dressed in white nun garment and she came into the room and she blessed my arms and that was it. The next day they took out the bandages and there were just little blisters, water blisters, this all it was on my arm and the doctors were so upset… everybody was… you know, nobody was happy. I thought they should have been, nobody was happy, they were all upset.

And I said, ‘wow’, I thought it was a miracle and I asked someone, ‘who that woman, who was that nun that was in here?’ And the people said, ‘Oh, the nuns haven’t dressed like that in 30 years… nuns don’t dress like that anymore’. And I went, ‘Well, thank you, that’s what happened to me.’ And they sort of dismissed it. Maybe it was a dream I had or something, but I don’t know what it was, but this is something from the Eternal touching my life…




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