This is the first week of the Great Lent…
Does fasting mean abstention from food? That’s not enough!

In this video recording, Fr. Arsenios sets a higher value on spiritual fasting: `We need a state of continuous presence, not so much a state of asceticism.`
The abstention from food dries the body a little bit, so that helps the man to think more deeply about the real fast: the spiritual one.
And even more, that helps the man to think about the time of his judgement, of his own death.
He stresses that `thinking about death` is the highest philosophy, as St. Basil the Great said.
But, gradually, that should lead to love, because `nothing can be done without love`.
His teaching resembles with the one of Fr. Sophrony Sakharov when he says that all the ascetic practices should be followed in order to acquire the love.

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