Fr. Arsenie (Arsenius) Papacioc shows us how to deal with beggars asking us for money. It is possible to consider these people even if we don’t have material goods to share with them.

There was a poor man on the sidewalk, I saw him from afar, he had no feet… but he also saw me…
And the poor was preparing, he thought: “This man will fill my bag…”
But I did not have money even for the tram… and I was preparing how to escape from that… I reached him and I told him directly: “My dear, I’d give you my legs… but, as this is impossible, look, I can give you a warm hand, because I don’t have money even for the tram…”
He said, “Father, nobody gave me anything like that!”


You see? Take them also into account! Do not overlook them…

This mercy is considered to be highly valued by God… the care for the other…


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