A moment can be a time and a sigh can be a prayer

In this video, Fr. Arsenie talks about the prayer rule in Christian life and gives us some valuable wisdom: we have to be honest and sincere and feel the prayer. Not following a rule is essential, because a sigh can also be a prayer.

Fr. Arsenie Papacioc was a well-known Romanian spiritual father and confessor and with this interview he give us so much hope in the world…

God wants you as you are, but only to be honest and sincere.


A moment can be a time and a sigh can be a prayer.


Typicon, typicon and nothing touches the heart, you know… We do not neglect them, but they must be felt, not made simply as a routine.


Someone who prays only when he stands up for prayer is not really praying at all.


A grain is more important than a mountain…


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