In this video recording, Elder Proclu talks about the benefit of remembering death. He recounts that a Father told him once: “What you taught others is enough, but teach yourself also!”

Subtitles: English (YTranslations Ltd), Romanian

Elder Proclu:

“I will say only this:
If we go to church, we need to ask our conscience: “Conscience, please, tell me whether or not God saves me… ”
And then my conscience, if it is not asleep, urges me to repair through confession, through repentance,
and by not going to sleep with my mind elsewhere [away from God]… not entertaining my thoughts… for if I converse with my thoughts… I am conversing with the devil…

And in order to be successful, I need to get to Church in good time… and as much as possible, I must remember death…

O Death, it would be better for me to call you Life!

Whenever I think of death my soul wakes up…

Because that’s what a Father taught me: when I realize that I must leave this body, then I must pray… rather than talk with people…
What I have taught everyone is enough… So said a Father… “What you taught others is enough, but teach yourself also!”

And in order to teach myself I have to ask my conscience, to ask my confessor: “Father, tell me truthfully, does God like how I’m living or not?

And I should ask my conscience… and then I should change my life… And as far as I can, to live unnoticed…”


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