Encouraging and powerful message for young people by Metropolitan Bartholomew of Cluj (Romania, ✝2011).

Subtitles: English, Romanian

Met. Bartholomew:
My dear young people, you are now in the flower of your youth, live your youth! It is yours. And you have to live it before it is too late. But within the limits of decency and reverence. You have no idea how pleasant it is to live your youth without later being ashamed or sorry for your deeds. My dear ones, keep your soul healthy, at least as much as you take care of your body’s health. First of all, learn to have a spirit of discernment, to distinguish between good and evil, between healthy and unhealthy, useful and useless. When you are young, this is the beginning of your wisdom.

It is in the nature of things that a young person is curious. Be curious! As curious as you can! In science, in your thirst for books, in your thirst for education, wherever your heart draws you… but do not allow your curiosity to walk on dangerous paths. No matter how curious and big scientist you are, you will not put your hand in a nest of vipers. You will not try to catch the viper’s tail to bring it home as a trophy. At a young age, you are facing some dangers: lack of discernment, foolish curiosity, vices that infiltrate slowly. My dear ones, there comes a time when you start to realize that you have gone too far and you have to stop…”


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