Audio recording of St. Porphyrios of Kafsokalivia in which he talks about a wise skill of Orthodox spiritual life: accepting the accusations with joy. This is also a sign of the soul’s health.

Adapted after Romanian translation:

St. Porphyrios:
When I was young (twelve years old) and went to the Holy Mountain, I endured many difficulties. I used to say, “My God, my life is like a surging sea. Please, as I am now, a traveler on this turbulent sea, find a tranquil haven for my soul. The harbor will be You, the Peace! I was saying this and crying because I felt sorry for leaving the world and leaving my parents… I did not feel sorry for the world, but my concern was only for my parents. On the ship they saw that I was a poor child and did not have a ticket… and they called me a “vagrant”. I was happy that they called me a “vagrant” and I told to myself: “This is what I am! I became a wanderer for the love of Christ! My Christ, save me! Show me the way!”


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