One of the last sermons of the Orthodox bishop Paul (Yazigi), abducted in Syria since 2013.

Subtitles: English

Met. Paul:
“Let us ask Christ Himself: ‘Who are You?’
He says: ‘Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink’ [John 7:37].

People ask us: “If you had Faith and you want us to believe then what is the benefit of this Faith? God exists and why I need this God?”

Christianity is not a religion of obligations…
Christianity is Life!

He who asks us: ‘What do I miss without your religion?’

We tell him: ‘You win everything yet you lose your Life precisely!’

Christianity is not a religion…
Christianity is Existence!

If people were longing for something they are mainly searching, deeply and endlessly but for Christ.
The human and even if he managed to afford his living requirements: foods, drinks, clothes and cultures, his thirst for life cannot be fully satiated…

As Saint Nicholas Cabasilas says: “The ultimate end of desires, the supreme passion of the human is to become like Christ”.

Therefore in paradise, we know how the serpent and Satan induced Adam and Eve…
It didn’t seduce the Human with vanishing things, it didn’t offer frivolous, simple targets.
It said to him: you will become like God. Because Satan knew that the ultimate longing of the human, his heart deep desire is to become a God.

And indeed, with this trap, Satan deceived the Human. And the Human is still deceived…
He believes that what is on him is on him and forgets what is for him and towards him.
The longing of the human is to love God, to live for Christ, to get to know Him.”


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