Fr. Andrei Lemeshonok, priest of Saint Elisabeth Monastery in Minsk, Belarus, gives us a beautiful and uplifting invitation to take our spiritual wings and fly to the Kingdom of God.

Video source: Saint Elisabeth Monastery

Fr. Andrei:
We can even fly… Only if we really want this.
Probably some of us have already flown… It’s dangerous to fly, you can crash from the fall… We have to take this risk. There is no other way out.

One may be afraid to fly. They say: “jump!” And he answers: “no, I won’t jump!”
But in the last day of our lives, in the last minutes, we will have to fly, to get off the ground.
And where will we go if we don’t have this experience? Down…

Therefore, brothers and sisters, we must dare. We must learn to fly.
Maybe we still have small wings, but they will ultimately grow if we lift our eyes to Heaven and long for the Heavenly Kingdom.
They will grow, for sure… they will turn into large wings…
And we will fly, even here on earth…

Does the Church say this in vain? “Let us lift up our hearts!” Is the Liturgy merely a service? Maybe it is very beautiful, important, but is it just a human work?
No, these are already spiritual flights. Yet they are not dreams, but reality. That is why, of course, we don’t want to fall.
And if we fall – and we will fall, for sure – and something will break, we shouldn’t complain, shouldn’t lament over it, but to we should rise up and follow Christ.

And repeat this until the last day of our lives. And then we shall we fly… And we will fly to a place in which there will be only love. Only love and nothing else…
There will be no arguments: it’s mine / it’s yours, you love me / not, I like / not, I want it / not.
It will only be love. There will be no diseases. There will be no troubles. There will be no sorrows. There will be life. An endless life in God.

This is why we came to the Church.
The eagle chicks learn to fly. Now they are chicks, but later they will become eagles.

So… learn to fly! Learn it, my dear!


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