In this video recording, Metropolitan Joseph shows what really means to celebrate Christmas in an increasingly post-Christian world.

Apostolia TV
Divine Liturgy, Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Paris, December 25, 2019.

Metropolitan Iosif Pop [Paris, France]:
I tell you this so you know what to tell those who are not here right now. Those are the majority, and they are baptized, like you…
When you visit them during these festive days, tell them: “How were your holidays? Good? Have you met the One who is celebrated, i.e. Christ?”
This is how you should ask… and then let this question work in their hearts…
And see what they tell you… maybe they will not say anything and will try to change the topic… But they will never forget what you told them…
But tell them more if they are interested, “What does it mean to meet Christ?”
“It means to commune with Him!” We clean the house, inside, wipe the dust off. First, we dispose the big things, the big sins, because dust is harder to see… and then we wipe the dust off, i.e. the evil thoughts… and then we receive Him in our soul, as in a palace…
This means to meet Christ at Christmas, this means to celebrate Christmas!


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