Fr. Ephraim of Arizona talks about the reality of Hell versus the Hell of consciousness in the theology of the Christian East.

Fr. Ephraim:
Today, theologians, people who studied theology, believe, wrongly and anti-dogmatically, that the hell of souls is at the level of consciousness, and it is not a reality, a hypostatic one. And this is a diabolical idea.

Why? For the following reason:
Satan wants to minimize the gravity of the torments of real hell to diminish the fear of hell, which is a medicine against sin.
When I think that hell is at the consciousness level, I will try, thinking here on Earth, and giving way to sins, I will try to convince myself, to build a form of conscience, so that, I don’t need to think about what I have committed against God.
To create a sick situation so that I don’t need to suffer for an eternity… this is according to this demonic idea.
And then I will live comfortably here on Earth and I will prepare my conscience and I will not suffer.

But things are totally different…
St. John Chrysostom writes a lot about the real hell, according to the doctrine of our Orthodox Church.
He was asked: “Where is it, Father, the abyss of hell? Where is hell? Can we see it?”

And the one with golden mouth and golden mind answered:
“Do not investigate where the Gehenna is, but take care of yourself, to improve your life by repentance so as not to get into hell! Do not torture your mind”, he said, “with a curiosity caused by pride, to find out where the abbys is, for God is faithful”.
God does not lie.
God does not deceive.
God cannot be mocked.
Everything He said is real.
Hell is not a parable.
And the confirmation of this dogma of the beautiful and undefiled Orthodox Church, is the practical life of the ascetics.
Ascetic tradition confirms dogma!


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