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Fear of Death? We see life, not death! | Christ is Risen! | Metropolitan Christophoros of Jordan

Delve into profound teachings on eternal life with Metropolitan Christophoros of Jordan as he shares timeless wisdom for Orthodox Christians. Explore the transformative power of faith as we prepare for the inevitable door of death. Through deep reflections, discover how Christ’s victory over death offers us hope and reassurance. Join us in spiritual preparation seeking purity, repentance, and prayer to behold the face of God. Learn why living a virtuous life is essential for sanctification and eternal blessings. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of eternal life and find solace in God’s everlasting love.
This is a sermon recorded in February 27, 2022, by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese – Amman – Jordan.

English translation by Waad Rabahie
Video source (watch the full video here): Greek Orthodox Archdiocese – Amman – Jordan (https://youtu.be/8OGQYPExfZQ)

Met. Christopohoros:

We live the eternal life from now so that we could live it after we leave here and the door of death opens. When the time comes and the door of death opens, we should be ready. It doesn’t mean we won’t fear. We all fear death. But while we open this door with Christ, we always look at the Risen Christ who through His death conquered death.

We see life, not death! And we always realize that God didn’t create death, we should always keep in mind that God didn’t create death! Death is alien to man. It is the result of sin and man’s disobedience when he used his freedom wrongly. The misuse of freedom introduced death.

God didn’t create death. It is alien to human and it is not eternal. So when Jesus came, He abolished death and gave us eternal life. Eternal life is knowing and seeing God. That’s why we always seek the life of purity. So the coming fasting period and all fasting periods in Church should be a spiritual preparation, so that through purity, repentance, and prayers we could see God and struggle to achieve holiness.

Because this is the purpose of our life. So we do everything that is pleasing to God and for the sake of Christ. We shouldn’t wait to receive back the goodness we do in this life. Many people fall into the trap of waiting to receive back the goodness they did. No, my children, Our society is devilish where Satan controls the world where the divine standards are changed.

But God is there. That’s why we do good deeds for the sake of God. We don’t wait for anything from anyone. Because it’s God who will give us every blessing and gift. And He will give us eternal life. This is the most important. Thus we could be consoled and comforted and be joyful and peaceful.

So that our life could be full of spiritual virtues, not worldly morals. Virtues are channels for holiness, channels for sanctifying ourselves. Virtues purify you from the inside, so that you could live eternal life from here till the Heavenly Kingdom.



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