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Miss You Mom! Emotional Song with a 97-Year-Old Monk of Mount Athos | Elder Iulian

Join us as we witness a deeply moving moment on Mount Athos, where two priests serenade a 97-year-old monk with a poignant song about motherhood. Watch as the old man’s eyes fill with tears of joy and longing, touched by the timeless melody that speaks to the universal bond between mother and child. Experience the power of music to evoke emotions and connect souls across generations, reminding us of the enduring love that transcends earthly boundaries. Romanian Elder Iulian of Prodromos Skete, Mount Athos, Greece, reposed in the Lord on March 10 , 2023.
Note to viewers: Please be aware that the subtitles for the song featured in this video are not an exact English translation. They have been adapted for rhyme and may not accurately reflect the literal meaning of the lyrics. We hope you still enjoy the heartfelt message conveyed through the song.

Video source: Părintele Ciprian Tudor https://www.facebook.com/prcipriantudor/videos/1582276349227071
(recorded around 2022-2023)




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