Metropolitan Georges Khodr of Mount Lebanon has been a Shepherd of the Church for almost 50 years and a masterful theologian. He recently resigned as Metropolitan of Mount Lebanon at 94. In this video he speaks with power about the reality of the Resurrected Christ.

Subtitles: English

Metropolitan Georges Khodr:

“He who doesn’t believe that CHRIST is ALIVE now and not only two thousands years ago and he who doesn’t believe that He personally brings him to life, with his family and children, such person would have said that CHRIST was only mentioned in books…
CHRIST is not inside the books, He is within You, inside your HEARTS, inside your EYES. If you don’t accept Him like this He would be man who died two thousands years ago…

Understand that!
Reflect on that!
Live from that!
And THE LIFE shall be yours…”


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