Metropolitan Georges Khodr of Mount Lebanon has been a Shepherd of the Church for almost 50 years and a masterful theologian. He recently resigned as Metropolitan of Mount Lebanon at 94. In this video he recounts the time when his spiritual Father in Paris remembered him once again that Christ is Risen.

Metropolitan Georges Khodr:
“I visited my spiritual father [in Paris] and complained about my pains.
He said: “Why are you sad? Did you forget that Christ is Risen?
My brothers, this entails that Christ dominates our entire Life, our personal and worldly life and we don’t encounter his resurrection within the church, the church limited by its stones…

CHRIST is ALIVE, HE brings us to LIFE, He raises up, each one of us, from his or her MISERY, from his or her SADNESS.

CHRIST enters the sad HEART and HE doesn’t dwell only within the church’s walls.
If you were truly convinced that JESUS is the entire LIFE, you don’t SORROW.
I dare to say: you don’t DIE, you bodily die, yet you were ETERNALLY brought to LIFE, for His being ALIVE.

The faithless philosopher Nietzsche used to say: show me that you are alive so I believe in your Christ.
You are not supposed to preach the words, for this is surely a duty…
However, we were asked to preach a NEW LIFE in each one of us.
He who is burdened by his SORROWS cannot preach.
He who is living in his SIN doesn’t preach.
Only the PENITENT preaches, for He is ALIVE!”


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