In this video recording, Fr. Rafail is trying to explain why Father Sophrony used to say that he bows before all people…

Subtitles: English (YTranslations Ltd), Romanian

Fr. Rafail: “Living near Father Sophrony, I saw this love in him, I’ve seen how he received every person.
He said, when we started to get old as well…: ‘You don’t look at why a person is suffering, you look at how much the person is suffering.’

‘I, after 60 years of wearing the priest’s robe, bow not only before every Christian, but before every person…’
I heard him say that, without any melodrama, and it wasn’t psychological, you couldn’t see anything like that.

He joked with some, others he took more seriously,
but in him I saw what I had read in the Patericon and could not really grasp how to receive this word, in the Patericon [The Sayings Of The Desert Fathers] where it says,
‘If you have seen your brother, you have seen the Lord your God.’

Why did Father Sophrony bow before all people? And I add, orthodox or unorthodox or pagan, even children…”

Video source: D-Studio Production (

This video is part of the speech of Fr. Rafail Noica given at the International Colloquium “Meeting with the spiritual father”, November 13-15, 2016, Iasi, Romania.


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