In the 6th episode of the “Orthodox Icons Explained” series, Fr. John explains the details of the Palm Sunday icon, the icon of the Entry into Jerusalem, celebrated each year in the Sunday before Easter.

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Fr. Ioan Bizau is a senior lecturer of Iconography and Christian Art at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Location: Diocesan Museum of the Orthodox Metropolis of Cluj (Muzeul Mitropoliei Clujului)
Camera: Darius Echim

Table of contents:
00:00 ♫ Troparion of the Palm Sunday, Putna Monastery, Romania ♫
00:10 Intro
02:13 The frescoes of Eastern tradition
02:51 The three images
03:40 Jerusalem, the city of David
04:12 The Temple in Jerusalem
05:11 ♫ “Rejoice, O Bethany” (Koinonikon for Lazarus Saturday) chanted by the Good Shepherd Choir from Syria ♫
06:04 The fortress has open gates
06:08 The crowds of people
06:35 The presence of children
07:15 The presence of the Pharisees
07:43 The mountain
08:05 The palm tree
08:38 Lord Jesus Christ sits on a donkey’s colt like on a throne
09:24 The Raising of Lazarus
10:06 The cruciform halo
10:48 ♫ Troparion of Palm Sunday, Zachatyevsky Monastery, Moscow, Russia ♫
12:01 Children climbing the tree
12:50 Children – the innocent creatures
14:02 ♫ A carol for Psalm Sunday, Psalmodia Transylvanica Choir, Cluj-Napoca, Romania ♫
15:00 The green branches
15:28 The modest entry into Jerusalem
18:43 The hymn of the Matins
19:48 The messianic statement taken from Psalm 118 [117 LLX]
20:11 The old Feast of Tabernacles
21:32 ♫ Hymn for Vespers of Palm Sunday, Byzantine Choir Trikkis Melodoi, Trikala, Greece ♫


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