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Orthodox Easter | The Icon of the Resurrection | Christ’s descent into Hades | Christ is Risen!

In the 7th episode of the “Orthodox Icons Explained” series, Fr. John explains the details of the icon of the Resurrection, Christ’s descent into Hades. This is the traditional Orthodox Easter icon, depicting the spiritual meaning behind the event of the Resurrection. The video includes the traditional Paschal hymn “Christ is risen from the dead…“ chanted in different languages: English, French, Russian, Georgian, Greek, Arabic, Luganda, Romanian.

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Fr. Ioan Bizau is a senior lecturer of Iconography and Christian Art at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Location: Diocesan Museum of the Orthodox Metropolis of Cluj (Muzeul Mitropoliei Clujului)
Camera: Darius Echim

Table of contents:
00:00 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“, Byzantine Choir “Pachomius Logofet”, St. Petersburg, Russia ♫
00:10 Intro
01:12 Easter is the Feast of the feasts
02:29 Our Lord is in the center of the icon: His descent with His deified soul into the depths of hell
03:05 Hell: a landfill site of the universe
03:59 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“ in English, Liturgia Ensemble Choir, Fr. Apostolos Hill, USA ♫
04:45 His transfigured body
05:16 The icon of the Museum (18th century)
05:37 Two famous icons
05:55 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“ in French, Orthodox Monastery of Cantauque, France ♫
06:30 Jesus Christ as a pillar of light
06:48 The prologue of the Gospel of John
07:47 Two statements from the apostolic preaching
10:16 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“ in Greek, Archim. Ignatios Riganas, Protosyggelos of the Holy Metropolis of Ierissos ♫
11:05 Two groups of people: David and Solomon, John the Baptist
12:57 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“ in Georgian ♫
13:22 The icon of the Universal Resurrection
13:44 Christ pulls Adam and Eve from their graves
14:41 The dramatic encounter between the New Adam and the old Adam
15:27 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“ in Arabic, Saint Roumanos Melodos Choir, Saint George Monastery, Syria ♫
16:03 A hymn of Saint Ephrem the Syrian: “Come, my image and my likeness!”
18:23 The first Eve and the second Eve
19:19 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“ in Luganda, Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, Bukasa Island, Uganda, Africa ♫
19:41 Devil is bound in chains
20:54 Moses with the Tablets of the Law
22:03 The mandorla: the symbol of the heaven
23:06 The righteous Abel
24:13 A description of hell
25:32 ♫ “Christ is risen from the dead…“ in Romanian, Sighișoara Monastery, Romania ♫
26:18 Two Transylvanian icons on glass from Nicula
26:34 The cliché or the Western artistic scheme: Christ comes out of the tomb carrying a flag
27:38 ♫ “Come receive the light…“ in Greek, Abbot Ephraim, Vatopedi Monastery, Mount Athos, Greece ♫


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