Fr. Rafail Noica, a disciple of Fr. Sophrony Sakharov, talks about the current age being one of full freedom. Now we can do everything we want knowing that God does not limit our freedom by His commandments. He only reveals Himself through them.
Fr. Rafail:
I think the time of full freedom has just arrived.
Brothers and sisters, let’s benefit from it! Now we can do everything we want! Everything we want!
The commandments of Christ are not something that constrain us. Fr. Sophrony [Sakharov] said that they are the revelation of how God is. When it says “do not judge”, it is for you not to be judged, it is because I, the true judge, I did not come to judge you, but I came that the world maybe saved through Me.
So, now it is the time of freedom and the commandments of God are the revelation of what God is.
I had the rudeness to say that they are the confession of God. God is confessing to us. And what can God confess to us if He does not have sins? As Christ would say, if I say that I have sins, “I would be a liar like you” (John 8:55). What does God confess to us? His eternal glory which He offers to us immediately, without envy. When Christ says, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do” (John 14:12)… Look, it is not God’s envy, it is the freedom in which God Himself offers to us fully, all the eternity, the entire the creation, the whole cosmos, seen and unseen, and He makes us gods. And if He could make us bigger than Him, He would do it… This one can not be… I say it like a fool, you know…
He does not limit our freedom by His commandments. He reveals Himself and wants to attract us through this.
God wants us to “let our hair down” and He shows us what is worthy to desire and how to “let our hair down”, but we have to do it ourselves… it has to be my own will…
“No,” says Fr. Sophrony, “You can be obedient after this, but this step is your free will, it is your offering yourself to God, and this no one can impose on you!
And when it was imposed, in the history of the Church, it was a great sin…


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