In the second part of the video interview, Fr. Aimilianos of Simonopetra (+2019) talks about why monks pray the Jesus Prayer.

Languages: English (adapted after Romanian version @Elena Dinu), German, Greek
Video recording: Ormylia Monastery, Greece, 1990

Fr. Aimilianos:
Why do the monks pray with the Jesus Prayer always and everywhere?

Well, it is, I would say, the only prayer which, clearly creates our preconditions to be able to find God daily, and also, easily, to find Him and rejoice in God.
Through this prayer, the One Who is unseen becomes visible in our lives.
Therefore, through this prayer, the monks acquire everywhere and always, the strong feeling of the presence of God and an inner dialogue which is so deep, that is reaches the greatest depth of the “sea” of Divinity.
Thus, in this way, which was discovered by the monks from the experience of the Church, from ancient times, they can fill their days, they can transform their night into a candle which spreads heavenly light throughout the universe which God holds in His fist.

Therefore, through this encounter of man with God, monks succeed to sanctify not only themselves and their space, but the whole world…


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