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Monastic vocation and Orthodox monasticism today (Archbishop Christophoros from Jordan)

In this video, Archbishop Christophoros from Jordan talks about the monastic vocation and Orthodox monasticism today: “we are in most need for the prayers of the monastic world for the protection of the world”.
This is a sermon recorded in January 24th, 2021 by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese – Amman – Jordan.

English translation by Waad Rabahie
Video source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese – Amman – Jordan

Archbishop Christophoros Attallah:

We see the important role of monasteries and how our Holy Land was an attraction for monks, hermits and monastic life which, sadly, have been lost and nowadays it’s missing. And the responsibility lays on each one of us, the church, the school, and the family.
All of us, my children, through these three important institutions of the country should be concerned of preparing monastics. We should have monks and nuns. And eventually we should care about this divine and blessed work, because we are in most need for the prayers of the monastic world for the protection of the world.

The Church Fathers speak about the great importance of monks and nuns’ prayers in monasteries because they are regular and continuous and give strength to the whole world and God’s mercy covers the world because of the prayers of those monks and nuns.

Let’s stop preventing our children.

Today, as a bishop who loves you, I wanted to send my message to parents. Because some parents are still preventing their children from becoming monks and nuns, or they don’t prefer it. And I ask them… “What do you wish your children to be?” Let’s stop having a superficial view of life. And this superficial, worldly, perishable and corrupt view, we transfer it to our children’s souls. Let’s stop… When we see love and eagerness in our children to serve Christ in truth what right do we have to prevent them from serving Christ? Christ has chosen them and you, parents, dare speak a word after Christ’s choice… Woe to you from the wrath of God! I speak to you… to every mother or father who prevents their son or daughter from coming to the church or being committed to the church or loving Christ or loving the monastic and ascetic life. Don’t make these mistakes, my children! What and where you want your kids to be? When they go away from the arms of the family life, disasters and tragedies happen a lot in our times.

In our Archdiocese I see daily many tragedies of our Christian families and our children. Mothers and fathers come to me crying: “Your Eminence, save us, we are destroyed!” And I ask them “Where are you from the church? Were you close to the church?” “Forgive us, your Eminence, we weren’t…” So reap now… you reap what you sowed.

Don’t drive your children away from the Church, especially their souls, when they desire to serve the Church. That’s why today, as a spiritual father, I speak to all my sons and daughters.

My children, the arms of the Church are open to you… whoever and whatever you are and regardless of your past. The arms of the Church are open to you, to become monks and nuns in the body of the Church, everyone in its place…

Because the monastic life for us is not social life, but the monastic life in the Church is an ascetic life.

May God grant each one of us in his or her position to offer monks and nuns.


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