One of the last sermons of Metropolitan Paul (Yazigi) of Aleppo, abducted in Syria since 2013. May we have his prayers!

English translation by Waad Rabahie (contributor).

Metropolitan Paul (Yazigi) of Aleppo:
If we want to be good children to God then we don’t thank Him only when He gives us and when we feel He gives us.
But also when we are hurting, we say to Him: “Your hand must be taking care of us and we thank You”. Thus we must be thankful creatures.
No one should walk towards Holy Communion if he or she doesn’t have a deep feeling of thankfulness to God. Because the Chalice of Communion is a Chalice of thankfulness.

Divine Liturgy is an event we participate in to thank God. If we don’t know why… then we should reflect on it and gain the knowledge why we give thanks to God in the Divine Liturgy.

My beloved, in our houses, in our prayers, in our pains, in our joys, in every moment of our life let us be faithful to the “Christian” name.
A Christian is a creature which give thanks to God for all things one knows and doesn’t know, for both the good and the hardships one faces in his life.
Because God surely always spreads His caring hand, regardless of the things I see in my life.



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