In this audio recording, Fr. Sophrony Sakharov of Essex inspires us to become artists in our [spiritual] life.

Fr. Sophrony:

Those who were preparing to become musicians know that art requires the whole person. When I was a painter, if I slept without dreams, then in the morning I didn’t know what to do because I needed to continue painting even during sleep. And when I work at night in a dream, I get up in the morning and start with new energy and paint what I need. So, I said many times that it is good for one to have an artistic personality so that our life is always inspired: we can suffer, maybe we lack all strength, but inspiration, like some kind of river of energy, constantly flows. And then our life knows no laziness [acedia]. So you should all be artists in your [spiritual] life and keep your inspiration, because there is nothing in all creation greater than Christ and His teaching! Everything else that humanity is proud of fades in comparison with what Christ gave us.


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