This is a video message of His Grace bishop Atanasie from Italy to the young generation: be of good cheer, take courage, “all dreams come true”.

Video source: Episcopia Italiei (May 28, 2020):

Bishop Atanasie Rusnac of Bogdania:
If a young man were to say to a close person, “I would like to fly into space”, do you know what society would tell him? “You can’t fly in space, but look, if you want, I’ll take you by car around the neighborhood, so you can imagine that you’ve been in space, put a smile on your face and get back home because we have work to do.” That’s the difference between what God gives us and what the world gives us… do you understand? That is, God might answer you, “Why do you want just to fly into space? I can show you the entire Universe!” God is the One who opens an even wider perspective for us. He takes us out of our very limited thinking: “Why do you want so little? Why so little? I can do a lot more than this!”

And this is the great mystery of God, that He succeeds in doing this for us and succeeds in fulfilling all our dreams. And often a dream that you have in your youth, in childhood, in the greatest moment of sincerity, God fulfills it for you when you grow a little bigger. But this happens all the time, it’s a secret, if you want you can tell it to everyone, if not, keep it just for you: all dreams come true! And this is not a lie, I give you my word as a bishop, all dreams come true, but you have to believe in them sincerely and the time to believe in them is not when you’re in your 60s… For this we’re going to have another conference. The time is now, when you are young, when you should believe in dreams! They will be fulfilled very very quickly.

Moreover, if you let God work and if you challenge Him a little more to a discussion, to a sincere dialogue, He fulfills not only that dream, which is often very simple… Some of us have dreams that are very limited and we lack imagination. You, the young people (and this is your greatest virtue), have big dreams and a lot of imagination. Never in your life will you have bigger dreams than you have now and never will your imagination go as far as now. Let it go. Dream. It is beautiful.

Ask the Lord to fulfill your dreams and believe in them, through His Divinity, through the fact that He is God, not something abstract, but God who can make any dream come true and be fulfilled in what is good for your salvation. But you will find out a little later in life. So, be of good cheer, we will not necessarily have peace in the world, but the fact that we have overcome the world through God is sure. So, be of good cheer, dream and go forward with courage!


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