An inspiring testimony of Archbishop Justinian of Maramures and Satu Mare (Romania): “In order to be a light in the world, we must ‘burn’ inside ourselves and love all of God’s creation… Unfortunately most of the people live like blind people… They don’t see the great mysteries of God, the world and its beauties…”

Bp. Justinian:
In order to be a light in the world, you must burn inside yourself, to consume yourself, that is the charm and the beauty of it… and especially for the young people.
When you see a young who is sheepish and sluggish and nothing moves him, neither good nor bad, nothing, absolutely nothing…
Could you appreciate him as a man? Not at all… And even less as a Christian… A real man has to burn continuously.

And what do I mean by “burning”? A continuous living… in love, in love, in love… I must care for the entire world, love everyone, including those I know not personally, love all of God’s creation, that’s what I mean by “burning”. When I see the earth and the sky, I burn of delight and happiness.

We had some workers at the monastery which built a house, Mr. Feri and Mr. Dumitru, two hard workers from Plopis, and when the sun was setting down (they were building a wooden house) I would sit and talk with them.
And I was telling them how beautiful is the sky filled with stars. How beautiful it is when the sun starts to shine, how beautiful is the moon, how beautiful is the blue sky.
And Feri told me (he was a poor young man): “Up until now I didn’t have time to look at the sky. I was a poor child, I lived outside most of the time. After this I was a servant, and I still lived outside, under the sky. Then I was a shepherd and I lived again under the sky. And look, now I am a house builder and still under the sky but I never looked at it until now. Now that you tell me, I realize how many astounding things surround me, things which I didn’t notice up until now.”

And unfortunately most of the people live like this… like blind people… They don’t see the great mysteries of God, the world and its beauties, all these…
Am I right? And thus, in order to be a man, you have to burn inside. “Fire” means spiritual fire, your soul must vibrate of mercy (to be compassionate towards everyone) and of love, and of hate against all falsehood, against all sin, against all evil.


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