The passing of another year. This is such a beautiful poem…

Life is like a long train

Life is like a long train
We once wake up travelling in
Without remembering
Where we got up and when
Happiness are stops
Where we only stay a minute
By the time we notice something
Hear the bell, it leaves, it’s gone
Pains are stations
Long and never ending
And despite our will it seems
More and more they appear
Burning in eagerness
Looking further and further
To get sooner
To whatever wanted goal
Pass away the days and years
Sweet moments and pains
We live nourished in dreams
And thirsty of pleasures
Lots of happy kids get in
Oh, I’ve seen so many
And some old man gets off
Sad and drained and tired
Here comes a time
For us to get down
We would give it all
To come back in time
But while looking back
Crying for the time that’s gone
The Forever Station calls
We have lived and not known…



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