Watch here a strong message for Christians of Hieroschemamonk Simeon Zaharia from Sihastria Monastery, Romania, regarding the times we live in.

Video source: © 2020 TRINITAS TV

Fr. Simeon:
“Oh, you Christians – pray!
Great trouble will come upon the people!
People no longer pray to God.
You will see that my words are not lies.

We will not overcome this, we will overcome this easily. We don’t play with God. You are not going to live as long as the mountains. Yes, now you’re young, you are interested in many things… But you will see when you get old. If you ever get old… Death is not a toy. We leave this world forever. And we enter a world of eternity.” He doesn’t know what God will do with him. “But I know that I will have to answer before Him for my deeds and words, and even for my thoughts. I have hope, but I have no certainty. But I have hope that I will be with Him forever. What are you doing, my dear, are you still here? Woe to my sins! How glad I would be if you would leave me alone.”


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