Fr. Rafail Noica, a Romanian disciple of Fr. Sophrony Sakharov, talks about the possibility to preserve the inner peace in a busy world.

Fr. Rafail:
How can an Orthodox layman be involved in society without losing his or her inner spiritual peace?
It is impossible! We must ask God for this… I think the saying, “Keep thy mind in Hell, and despair not”, is perhaps even more applicable in this world, which is still not the hell where St. Silouan lived. We don’t need to look for methodologies or techniques, nor should we think it is possible to live so, because if this would be possible, they would find a method. We should know that this is not possible because the world we live in is divorced from God…

There is a spirit in this world which must necessarily destroy God. And then the crisis of this world is that you can not live like… How can we keep our peace? It is impossible! But by telling you to avoid the effort of searching for methods and methodologies and other things, I want to put you back in the “person to Person” relationship… Say, “Lord” and ask Him: “Lord, teach me! Tell me! Show me!” And be attentive… And ask the Lord to keep your eyes open, so that you won’t miss if He shows you something, you won’t let the opportunity slip…


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